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It’s November 2011 and seven and a half hours by air takes me to Delhi and then across the Himalayas and on to Paro in Bhutan to join a group of intrepid explorers with Langdale Adventure Travel on a trip around the landlocked Kingdom, previously closed to international tourism until 1974 when the country finally decided to open its isolated community to ‘high impact, low volume tourism (i.e. wealthy people, quite unlike Nepal for example). We must travel on a planned, prepaid, guided package tour, independent travel is not possible. It’s a walking holiday, not a photography oriented trip, so the images are more of a record than an artistic and creative endeavour of their own. However, the landscape, architecture and people create perfect opportunities for a camera. I made three 15 minute videos of the trip that were posted to YouTube and as I write this, are still attracting viewers.  Thanks go to our expert local guide, Rinzing, compelled by law to wear national costume at all times, and Leslie Houfe, our Langdale leader. We get lots of instruction on Buddhism... indeed most of our walking involves monasteries and temples... I do not really take it all in, am I likely to remember it all anyway? So I’m quite happy away with a camera, although I'm only using a Canon powershot. The walking is quite easy, the mountain climate perfect, although the altitude takes a toll. 


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