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These photos were taken in May 2017 on a Lightandland tour with David Clapp on Dartmoor staying at Two Bridges.
The clapper bridge at Postbridge is an ancient form of bridge found on the moors of Dartmoor and Exmoor and in other upland areas of the United Kingdom including Snowdonia and AngleseyCumbriaDerbyshireYorkshire and Lancashire. It is formed by large flat slabs of stone, often granite or schist, supported on stone piers (across rivers), or resting on the banks of streams. Although often credited with prehistoric origin, most were erected in medieval times, and some in later centuries.
We visited Scorhill Circle - constructed in the Bronze Age, Scorhill is situated in a landscape of megalithic monuments. Some folklore links it to The Tolmen, a stone with a large, donut-shaped hole in it, overhanging a nearby stream. One story of the "faithless wives and fickle maidens" tells the tale of unfaithful women being made to wash themselves in a nearby pool, run around Scorhill three times and then pass through the Tolmen and pray in front of the stones for absolution. Unforgiven women were crushed by a stone, giving the eerie suggestion as to why so many stones have fallen.
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