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There needs no introduction but some  things are worthy of note.


The famous Cecil Brewer Staircase at Heal’s Furniture Store is (according to Heal’s) listed in ‘Places To See In Your Lifetime’. It was designed in 1916 by the architect Cecil Brewer, cousin of Ambrose Heal who founded the store. It’s a favourite spot for photographers so it’s necessary to dodge the competition to make the capture but it’s fun to do.  


Built in the early 17th century, the Queen’s House was designed by Inigo Jones as a private garden house for Anne of Denmark, Queen consort of King James I. The Tulip staircase, so named because of the tulip motif on the ironwork, was the first geometric, centrally unsupported staircase built in Britain. Each tread is cantilevered and supported by the tread below. The building is now an art gallery so I took the opportunity to walk through the art collection before spending some time dodging tourists on the staircase. It really is one of the hidden gems of London. Of all the thousands of photos of London that I might have included in this collection, I ended up choosing two of staircases. I also took a rather fun pic with my Gopro.

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